What others say about attending the Event

“The Crown Council is the only place where dentists applaud each other’s success and want to know more. It is the most energizing environment in dentistry.”
Dr. Bill Dorfman (Crown Council member since 1998)

“The Crown Council ANNUAL EVENT does more for our practice’s bottom line and creates more enthusiasm and motivation for our team than any other meeting we attend.”
Dr. Chris Hammond (Crown Council member since 1997)

“Leading the top practice in any market requires training and retaining the best team members. That’s why we bring our team of over 30 team members every year to the Annual Event.”
Dr. Guy Gross (Crown Council member since 2003)

“During the months since attending the 2015 Annual Event with our three doctors and 21 team members, our numbers are up 10% and the orthodontist we brought with us had his best month ever. Thank you for helping our team focus on our goals”
Dr. Michael Turnow (Crown Council member since 2015)

“Twenty years and counting. We've never missed one. There’s a reason!”
Dr. Tim and Kathy Droege (Crown Council member since 1996)