Peter Lovatt

Speaker, Dance Psychologist

Peter has spent his life thinking about, teaching and writing about how humans are transformed by movement.

Peter spent twenty years working in university research labs. He set up the first Dance Psychology Lab in 2008, from where he studied how movement changes the way people think and solve problems, how it changes social interaction and increases pro-social behavior, and how movement changes people’s feelings.

Peter’s new book, The Dance Cure, which was published by Short Books in the UK in 2020. The Dance Cure is being published in the USA by HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins. As a keynote speaker Peter Lovatt gives motivational and entertaining talks at corporate events and conferences. His sessions are perfect for energizing the room. With a background in both dance and cognitive psychology, Dr Peter Lovatt takes you on a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of the psychology of movement and how it affects uniquely human skills such as creativity and divergent thinking, skills that are important in education, healthcare and the workplace.

After overcoming a severe reading difficulty in his early twenties, Peter studied for a BSc (hons) in Psychology and English at the Roehampton Institute (degree awarded by the University of Surrey in 1993). In the same year he was awarded a national Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) scholarship to study for an MSc in Neural Computation at the Centre for Cognitive and Computational Neurosciences at the University of Stirling (degree awarded 1994) and following this he was awarded a full university scholarship to study for a PhD at the University of Essex (completing in 1998).

Dr Lovatt’s work has been reported on TV, radio and in the national and international press, through which he has become known as Dr Dance. He has been invited to give many keynotes around the world and has delivered five TEDx talks (and dozens of TED-style talks). Peter has been invited to appear on many popular TV shows, including Darcey Bussell: Dancing to Happiness (BBC2), Strictly Come Dancing: It takes two, The Graham Norton Show, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Big Brother’s (and Celebrity Big Brother’s) Bit on the Side, Britain’s Got Talent, and he has been interviewed on national radio programs such as Saturday Live and Woman’s Hour (BBC Radio 4).

Peter has spoken at a wide range of international conferences, where he has addressed policy makers, business leaders and government ministers from around the world. In 2019 Peter shared keynote sessions with Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Richard Branson and Geena Davis.

Gretchen Rubin

Author, Speaker, Researcher

Gretchen Rubin is one of today’s most influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature. She’s known for her ability to distill and convey complex ideas with humor and clarity, in a way that’s accessible to a wide audience.

She’s the author of many books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, and The Happiness Project. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have sold almost three million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages. (The Happiness Project spent two years on the bestseller list.)

On her top-ranking, award-winning podcast “Happier with Gretchen Rubin,” she discusses happiness and good habits with her sister Elizabeth Craft.

She’s been interviewed by Oprah, eaten dinner with Daniel Kahneman, walked arm-in-arm with the Dalai Lama, had her work written up in a medical journal, and been an answer on the game show Jeopardy!

Gretchen Rubin started her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she wanted to be a writer. Raised in Kansas City, she lives in New York City with her husband; they have two daughters (a college freshman and a seventh-grader).

Joseph Mitchelli

Speaker, Author, and Organizational Consultant

Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P., is an internationally sought-after speaker, author, and organizational consultant who transfers his knowledge of exceptional business practices in ways that develop joyful and productive workplaces with a focus on customer experience. 

His insights encourage leaders and frontline workers to grow and invest passionately in all aspects of their lives. Joseph holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA). 

He is a member of the Authors Guild, an editorial board member for the Beryl Institute's Patient Experience Journal (PXJ), and is on the founders' council of CustomerExperienceOne. 

Other achievements include winning the Asian Brand Excellence Award and being named as one of the Top 10 thought leaders in Customer Service by Global Gurus. He received his master's and doctorate from the University of Southern California.

Neal Jeffrey

Motivator, Teacher, NFL Quarterback

Former All-American quarterback at Baylor University and quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, learned the meaning of overcoming early in life. A stutterer since childhood, Neal had to find a way to “get through what he couldn’t get over” to achieve his lifelong dreams. 

Today, he is one of America’s most powerful and passionate communicators, speaking for corporate conferences, national conventions, sales organizations, sports teams – twice for the New York Yankees – school districts, student groups and churches from coast to coast. Everywhere he goes he inspires audiences to go “Higher, Swifter, Stronger” in the critical areas of life. 

In addition to a busy speaking schedule, Neal has served for 35 years as an associate minister at the 40,000-member Prestonwood Church. He and his wife Sheila live in the Highland Village and have three grown children and 11 grandchildren. His inspirational book, "If I Can, Y-Y-You Can!" is available at nealjeffrey.com.

Steven J. Anderson

Author, Presenter, Entrepreneur

Standing in front of a large audience at age 2 and a half, Steve Anderson gave his first speech. He hasn’t looked back since. Today, as a presenter, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, his mission is to energize growth and action in people’s lives and businesses.

For over thirty years, he has spoken at major industry meetings and conventions around the world. He’s conducted hundreds of seminars, and worked with thousands of businesses and organizations to increase their productivity and profits, through the application of over 101 Natural Laws in business and life. His combination of systems, high energy, humor, and every-day application, make him one of the highest rated speakers at every venue where he appears.

He has written hundreds of articles for industry publications, authored 9 books, and produced a large library of audio and video learning programs. He hosts two monthly programs, viewed by thousands around the world, interested in boosting productivity and profits.

As the founder of over a dozen businesses, including the Total Patient Service Institute, Crown Council, Capstone Dental, Dental Warranty Corporation, and many others, he has propelled organizations and individuals to the highest levels of performance and productivity. He has been named the “Businessman of the Year” by Excellence in Dentistry and has been an “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist.
He is the proud father of six daughters and a son, who are his greatest joy.